My Firefox Addons Collection

Collection of most useful and powerful addons i've ever used and suggesting to other.
I've tried to collect addons which are helping power users or admins to save time during surfing on the web.
No funky shit, 3d Effects, or whatever design enhancements, except my favorite theme and some additional buttons. Yeap there are some addons which i'm not using but think that they are good and maybe useful for someone else except me.
Collection contains 84 addons and amount is growing while i'm finding more and more usefull extensions.

Link to my firefox collection: Power User Pack

List of some addons in my collection:
- TabMixPlus
- FlashGot
- Firebug
- Download Status Bar
- Enhaced Status Bar
- ScreenGrab
- ImageZoom
- Hide Menu Bar
- Quick Restart
- Fast Dial
- All In One Sidebar
- Check Places
- NoScript
- TreeStyle Tab
and much more other cool extensions.

Here is how my FF looks:

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